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Buy a holster made SPECIFICALLY for your revolver or pistol model.

If your gun is not secured with the trigger guard completely covered, the holster is UNSAFE. Ignore the gimmicks; they may cost you more than money! The following guidelines will help with your selection:

1) Choose the appropriate holster material.

  • Kydex (BEST CHOICE)
    • Allows custom fit to each particular model of handgun.
    • Fast presentation as material is smooth and slick.
    • Rigidity and smooth surface combine to prevent body pressure from “Locking” gun in holster during exertion.
    • IWB holsters made from .060 Kydex™ are rigid enough to remain open for re-holstering, yet flexible enough to be comfortable for extended wear.
    • Believed to be least abrasive to gun finish.
  • Leather
    • Many are available with Kydex™ or other plastic interior for faster presentation and structure.
    • Full leather construction is silent during draw stroke.
    • Thumb break level 2 retention is common feature.
    • Durable and beautiful when properly maintained.
    • Severe downsides:
      • Leather retains moisture and dirt/grit resulting is faster wear of gun finish and corrosion.
      • Leather can lose form over time resulting in accidental discharge. Worn Holster BOOM!
  • Nylon
    • Not recommended as most are designed to fit several guns of similar size. (Fitting none well.)
    • Will collapse when empty, thus prohibiting safe re-holster with one hand.
    • Hold moisture and dirt/grit resulting in wear and corrosion.
  • Neoprene
    • Perhaps the most dangerous IWB choice.
    • Same issues as Nylon. Here is link to another accidental discharge, this time with a Neoprene holster. Neoprene BOOM!

2) Determining Type of holster/location of carry.

  • Outside the waistband, strong side.
    • Typically carried at the 3 or 9 o’clock position.
    • Fast draw from concealment
    • Muzzle does not sweep body or others during presentation.
  • Cross-draw (inside or outside) waistband.
    • Not recommended.
      • Presentation easily blocked.
      • Awkward / difficult presentation without sweeping yourself or others with muzzle.
  • Inside the waist strong side.
    • Must buy clothes of suitable size for comfort.
    • Best for concealment.
    • Slightly slower presentation depending on cover garment.
  • Inside the waistband pelvis carry.
    • Dangerous without training and practice/especially when re-holstering.
    • Very fast presentation.
    • Uncomfortable when seated if not designed well.
  • Small of back holster.
    • Slow presentation.
    • Easy for attacker to stop presentation.
    • Can snag on seatbacks.
  • Ankle Holster.
    • Not recommended unless spending a lot of time in vehicle.
    • Easy presentation from seated position.
    • Not practical for normal carry when compared to other options.
    • If used, must be sure holster has adequate retention.
  • Shoulder holster.
    • Not recommended unless spending a lot of time in vehicle.
    • Easy presentation from vehicle seat.
    • Requires training as it has flaws:
      • Easy for bad guy to stop presentation.
      • Muzzle sweeps brachial artery on presentation.
      • Muzzle sweeps other persons during presentation.
  • Purse holster/off body carry.
    • Your holster/bag is most likely target resulting in loss of weapon.
    • Slow presentation.
    • Dangerous if other items are carried in same compartment unless an appropriate holster is also used.