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Selecting your method of carry and holster.

Buy a holster made SPECIFICALLY for your revolver or pistol model. If your gun is not secured with the trigger guard completely covered, the holster is UNSAFE. Ignore the gimmicks; they may cost you more than money! The following guidelines will help with your selection: 1) Choose the appropriate holster material. Kydex (BEST CHOICE) Allows custom fit to each particular model of handgun. Fast presentation as material is smooth and slick. Rigidity and smooth surface combine to prevent body pressure from “Locking” gun in holster during exertion. IWB holsters made from .060 Kydex™ are rigid enough to remain open for re-holstering, yet flexible enough to be comfortable for extended wear. Believed to be least abrasive to gun finish. Leather Many are available...

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Color Code - Situational awareness

The featured photo for this post depicts a beat-down that occurred near my vehicle while conducting surveillance outside of Ferguson Mo. Violence can erupt anywhere, be alert. Created by Col Jeff Cooper, the original color code was used to illustrate varying levels of awareness  as related to activity in your personal area. This also related to pre-need decision making allowing you to react in a "pre-trained" manner, eliminating a delay in action that could literally cost you your life.  The original four levels are adequate for the military; however, should you need to use lethal force as a civilian it would be to your advantage to be able to distinguish (and articulate) the difference between an armed encounter (holding a person...

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