Can you run your gun, or just run your mouth!


I work several days a week at Target Masters in Columbia, MO. and barely a day goes by that I don’t hear a litany of reasons why gun x is superior to gun y. Many shooters come to the range who talk a great game, but can’t shoot with a darn. I personally shoot a 1911 because I have small hands, learned to shoot a 1911 in the military, am able to properly grip the pistol, and can reach the trigger and manipulate the gun with ease. I am limited to 8 rounds in a magazine, but carry two spare mags on my belt.  I make no claim of being a great shooter, but I am competent and shoot enough to recognize my weaknesses and work to improve weekly. The impetus for this rant was another comment from a customer at the range talking smack about Wilson Combat; stating that they are nothing more than a status symbol  for those with money. Ironically the same people who denigrate a premium 1911 are often the ones who buy and own many many pistols (costing in total much more than a Wilson Combat), yet never put many rounds down range with any of them.

I’ll take this opportunity to show the condition of my pistol after 18 months of daily carry and in excess of 12,000 rounds of 230 FMJ sent down range. The gun went back to Wilson after about 700 rounds due to an ejector that missed the hardening process, but has not had a hiccup since. This is a pistol that I KNOW I can trust my life to! If it is a statement piece, it is a TESTAMENT to the CRAFTSMANSHIP, PRIDE and ENGINEERING put into every Wilson Combat pistol!   I believe I bought one of the best pistols made in the world and I shoot the piss out of it without worry!  Do you run your gun, or just run your mouth?

I love the signs of wear and use. I consider them signs of character.  Check out Wilson Combat and treat yourself to something that will work as advertised and age with grace.

Wilson Combat CQB wear

Wear visible on trigger guard and magazine release.

Wilson Combat CQB wear and use.

Evidence of daily carry and use adds to the appeal of the pistol.

Wilson Combat CQB

Rear view shows wear from daily carry and use.

Wilson Combat CQB

Wear on site and grips is evident from daily carry and heavy use.

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