Are you a responsible citizen?

I’m not talking about our day-to-day personal interactions with strangers, although they bear scrutiny. I’m referring to the image we convey to others through our posts on social media, and how our neighbors, friends and co-workers perceive our attitudes and values. We judge others on a daily basis and are continuously judged by those we meet. When you posses the power to take a life, you must uphold a higher standard of behavior. If you are ever forced to use that power, judgment will likely be hard and swift. Not just from authorities, but from the bad guy’s family and the media as well.

There are things that trained individuals can do at the scene to ensure police realize who the real victim was; however, depending on the political climate, race of individuals involved and the context of the confrontation, you may face scrutiny and judgment as never before experienced! What does your Facebook and Twitter account say about you? How about your vehicle?

If you bling-up your gun, wear t-shirts with any slogan making slight of death and violence, you stand risk of being painted as a person looking for trouble. If not criminally charged, you can bet the civil charges will be filed, especially if you’re a homeowner or person with other assets.

Lets leave no doubt that we are the responsible people. 

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