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Blue Jets Come First!

As a US Navy Blue Angels Crew Chief, I lived our mantra, "Blue Jets Come First". As a civilian, I bring  that same energy and drive to you in quality performance holsters and gear from Action Tactical. 

How does this have anything to do with tactical gear and you?  Bottom line, it has everything to do with performance, trust and your satisfaction! Did you know that the Blue Angels Pilots are the ONLY pilots in the world who don't perform pre-flight inspections before they fly? Not only fly, but fly on the outside edge of the performance envelope in front of thousands of fans every week!  That's trust! 

Think about this; every member of the Blue Angels Crew is hand selected from the fleet and represents the top 1% the Navy and Marine Corps has to offer. Every new team member arrives on probation and endures a minimum 3 month intensive training and evaluation period where they hope to earn the Blue Angels Crest. If you fall short on commitment, technical expertise, or ability to work as a team you are sent back to the fleet. If you have what it takes, you are awarded the coveted Blue Angels Crest. Every person is cross-trained and does their assigned jobs without direction or followup. If you are the kind of person who needs to be asked if a job has been done (and done right), you won't make the team. On the team, Blue Jets Come First. At Action Tactical, Your Satisfaction Comes First!

Each morning the Crew Chiefs arrive at the field, take fuel samples and perform a detailed daily and pre-flight inspection. Soon after, the rest of the team arrives and the Crew Chiefs climb in their jets and fire up the powerful GE F404 engines. They test all flight control surfaces as ground crews confirm proper movement. They test communication systems, align and test the Inertia navigation and all other systems. When all tests are complete, the Crew Chief directs needed repairs or personally certifies the aircraft as safe to fly. My name on a product certifies that it will perform as designed, no excuses! 

Consistently executing the essentials is the key to performance and success. Did you know that every Blue Angels flight is launched just as it's done at an air-show? Consistency reduces errors. At Action Tactical, every Holster is assembled in a similarly standardized  process that ensures you will receive a quality piece of gear every time! (Although the processes are standardized, each holster varies slightly because they are hand made.)

When the Pilots are ready to fly they begin the same start-up routine performed by the Crew Chief in the morning; now with the Crew Chief directing from the front. With a Sharp Salute, the pilot is off with 100% confidence that he can fly the jet to the limits and is free to concentrate on the mission.  As the 7 Jet Crew Chief, I was lucky enough to hold the only enlisted tactical jet air-crewman billet in the Navy. Not only was my life and others's on the line when it came to my job, but the adventure and exhilaration of pulling 7 g's and rocketing from earth every week made me an adrenaline junkie for life. 

 After leaving the Blue Angels I became a NAUI Divemaster and worked as an S.I.U. Investigator working surveillance in New Orleans and greater gulf coast for 14 years before retiring.  As a lifelong shooter (and adrenaline junkie) I became a certified firearms instructor in 1991. I have completed in person (real) training from Massad Ayoob, Darryl Bolke, John Farnam, William April, and other industry leaders. I'm not claiming to be a gunfighter, but I carry everyday and I know what works and what doesn't. I founded Action Tactical so I could design and build the gear I wanted and also share with others who are serious about their defense. When you buy a holster from Action Tactical, you're buying gear that performs! 


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